New Website Reveals Personal Information Even Google Can't Find

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Been pulled over before? Got issued a speeding ticket? What about other people in your family? And your friends? Chances are if you are like most of us, the answer to at least one of those questions is "yes" - because most of us have slipped up at least once or twice.

Now this fresh new website has simplified the processing of accessing public records information. makes it both easy and fast for people to find out publicly available information about you.

Previously, if you wanted to research someone's arrest records and other public records you would have had to actually go to a county court office - in the correct county - and make a formal records request on an individual.The entire process could take weeks or even months to get the information you are looking for.With however a background check takes just a few clicks of the mouse and no more than a minute or two.

People all over the country can now easily access public record information thanks to Just look at what one customer shared of her experience with the site:

"Someone offered to drive my son Michael home from baseball practice... so I checked them out on and was terrified by what I found!"

Most people mistakenly believe that public records only include government records.However public records include any type of record that collections information about people and is available to the public.This includes not only the information governmental bodies must maintain, they also include information collected for other purposes and by some private entities.

Give a try and see what you find out.You can run unlimited searches on as many family and friends as you like!

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